photo: Joe Longo

photo: Joe Longo

Stacy & Seth Newfeld...

For the last 3 decades we've been practicing the art of pARTnering. Through our consistent yoga and meditation practice, mindful communication and patient listening we've developed a practice to stay connected through all the challenges that life may bring. It is our calling to share this and to guide others to the experience of their own heart.  



Stacy Anuttara Newfeld E-RYT, Reiki Level II, Sound Healer & Platinum Leader/Educator with doTerra

I feel that classes are an offering of the heart. A place where weaving breath into alignment conscious sequences allow room for you to find your authentic heart so the mind can land into a state of balance & grace. 

I began as a student of Siddha Yoga Meditation with my root teacher Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. I completed hatha yoga training in the Iyengar tradition in 1991 & led classes in both Manhattan & South Fallsburg ashrams. A few years & gorgeous twin daughters later I taught children & families which turned into full time teaching. In 2004 I received certifications from Next Generation Yoga for Kids & graduated in Asana & Pranayama from The Integral Yoga Institute. Today I continue to study with fire keeper & yogini activist Shiva Rea & the elegant & artful Elena Brower. In March of 2014 I completed Elena's Art of Attention Training and currently assist her in NYC & at Kripalu. 

I'm passionate about the mind/body/heart connection, holding certifications in Usui Reiki II. 150 hours Ayurveda study with masters Yogini Shambhavi Chopra & Pandit Dr. David (Vamadeva) Frawley.

In 2014 I began my exploration with sound healing. Specifically crystal bowls. Whilst using them in my own practice & healing I felt a deepening need to share them with my students. I started to improvise during savasana and hence Sonic Surrenders were born. Credit to my sound inspirations Sara Auster and Aya and Tyler.


Seth Gopati Newfeld RYT

My classes draw upon my unique life experience not only as a yogi, but as an actor, son, father, husband, brother and friend, teaching from a sense of humor and a  grateful heart.

I completed my 200 hr yoga training with The Integral Yoga Institute in 2009, 18 years after being introduced to Yoga by my root teacher, Gurumayi. 

While I've taught yoga and meditation in various studios in NJ, including several schools in Newark as part of the non-profit organization, Newark Yoga movement, my current focus is my work with men, begun under the tutelage of David Harshada Wagner, one of the foremost teachers of men in the world. I'm grateful to be one of the first graduates of Wagners' Widman University Men's Mentor training. The goal of this work is to teach modern men how to be deeply happy, helping them to identify their true purpose and set them on the road to living their vision.

My current influences include Elena Brower, Shiva Rea, & Demetri Velisarius who, in partnership with Shiva developed PranaDanda Yoga, "an empowering and fluid way to center the mind and awaken the energetic spine (inner danda) by engaging with a specially designed 5 foot staff". (Seth and Stacy are currently in the Teacher Training program for PDY.)   

Always a passionate wellness advocate, I established Simply Unlimited LLC, and The Art of Partnering along with my wife and partner of 33 years, Stacy Anuttara, in order to further their Mission on Earth: to Serve others.