The Art of Partnering

The Art of Partnering: Leading with love one heart at a time. 


After 4 years of marriage we hit our first major hurdle, each of us looking for fault outside of ourselves.  Therapy helped, but Yoga truly brought us together. We discovered through the guidance and spiritual wisdom of our teachers that in order to really love each other, we needed to love ourselves first.  For the teachings to truly take hold however, took 20 years and 2 more major upheavals, all while raising twins. The culmination of all that sadhana (spiritual work) was the deep understanding that in order to maintain a strong partnership, individually we need to be our own best partner first.  We call this “Partnering with your own heart.”


Before entering into a relationship, no matter how attracted you may be to the other person intellectually or physically, wouldn’t you want to know that this person is whole on the inside.? Wouldn’t you want to know that this person has a deep long standing partnership with their own heart?


As teachers our vision for our community is to guide others into partnership with their own hearts. That’s where true love lives.  We don’t’ find true love in another. We find it inside of ourselves.


How do we develop that partnership with our own heart? We can start by looking inside and being completely honest, in a non-judgmental way, about our own inner stuff.  We all have it. It’s ok to acknowledge it.  Illuminate it with the light of love and acceptance.  The tools of yoga and meditation help us to dissolve those layers of accumulated stuff in a supportive and authentic way.


In partnering with our own heart we become our own best partner, and in turn we become a better partner with another.  That done, we become better partners with our community and the ripple begins.